Should You Consider A Radon Mitigation System?

Posted on: 11 January 2023

Your home is supposed to be a safe space, but many hazards can gather. Radon is one possible hazard that can lead to health risks down the line. Luckily, professionals offer radon testing and residential radon mitigation systems. If you would like to know more about radon and why you should consider a mitigation system, keep reading.

What Is Radon, And How Does It Get Inside The Home?

Radon is a naturally occurring gas. Unfortunately, it is produced from decaying uranium, so it is also radioactive. Radon naturally rises from the ground, so you are frequently exposed to it. However, outside, the gas quickly continues to rise and disappoint, making it nearly harmless to most humans and animals.

The problem arises inside houses and other structures. The radon rises from the ground and enters the house. If your house is drafty, it may not be an issue. However, most Americans want a well-sealed home to boost energy efficiency. As a result, radon continues to build up in the house, getting recycled through the indoor air.

What Are The Complications Of Radon?

Ideally, small exposures of radon won't cause any complications. However, if it builds up in your home and you frequently breathe it, you have a higher risk of developing lung cancer. In fact, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer and the leading cause of lung cancer among Americans who don't smoke.

Lung cancer itself can be incredibly deadly since it directly attacks one of your vital organs. If caught early, you have a much higher chance of survival, but if left untreated, it may metastasize to other parts of the body.

What Does A Radon Mitigation System Do?  

If you suspect you have too much radon in the home, or you simply want to test for your own safety, professionals offer radon testing. If you do have radon, they can help eliminate it, but you may want to consider a radon mitigation system. These systems help remove radon from the home. As a result, this drastically reduces your risk of radon exposure and lung cancer.

Radon can be incredibly dangerous if it gathers in your home. If left ignored, it can drastically increase your risk of lung cancer. If you want to know more about radon, better protect your family, or if you want to get a quote on a radon mitigation system, contact a provider in your area today. For more information on a residential radon mitigation system, contact a company near you.


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