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Tips For Hanging Curtains In Your Home

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Hanging curtains in your home is fairly simple. You just drill a few holes and add a curtain rod, right? It can be this simple, or you can add other decorative elements to hang your curtains to give them some more appeal and maybe even make your curtains look a little more expensive. See below for some helpful tips on how to hang your curtains. Curtain Rod Placement When hanging curtain rods, be sure to hang them at least six inches higher than the window casing and extend your curtains so they are three to four inches wider than the outside of the window casing.. This helps make your windows appear larger and adds height to any room. It also brings in plenty of light, which will also help make rooms feel more spacious. To help you drill the holes for your curtain rods, you can create a drill guide out of cardboard. Simply mark the holes on the cardboard, then cut out a ninety degree angle on the cardboard that will sit on the window casing. Drill through the cardboard into the wall with the cardboard on your window casing. Then flip the cardboard over and place it on the other corner of the window casing to drill holes on the other side. This way you know the holes are the same on both sides; no need to drill holes over and over again, or try and fumble with a level and measuring tape. Curtain Rod Alternatives Rather than using a simple curtain rod, try thinking of other ways to hang up your curtains. See below for curtain rod alternatives. Coat Hooks. Use a handful of coat hooks along your wall and hang up your curtains by attaching drapery clips to the curtains and hanging the circle portion of the clips on the hooks. You can also use stick-on hooks for light-weight curtains if you don’t want to put holes in your walls. Curved Shower Curtain Rod. Add a curved shower curtain rod to a window to give it dramatic appeal. It also helps to make the window appear larger. Bungee Cord. Use a small bungee cord behind your curtain rod to give you that second curtain rod without the big price tag. A small bungee cord can be invisible behind your curtain rod, nobody will even see it. Tension Rod. For a kitchen window, add a tension rod between your kitchen cabinets to help drape your small window valance to look like a cafe awning.  To help your curtain pleats lay straight all the way down, you can add curtain weights or create your own using paperclips with pennies glued to them. Simply push the paperclip/penny into the bottom hem of the curtain leaving only one prong exposed outside of the curtain. This will help hold your curtains in place, so the pleats lay properly all the way down your curtain. Hanging your curtains is simple, but giving them a more dramatic or expensive look takes a little more work. If you’re in need of new draperies or curtains, consider contacting a specialist, such as Frieda Ross Draperies, Blinds and...

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How You Can Control Mice Population In Your Home By Learning About Their Habits And Abilities

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It’s small wonder that house mice are so difficult to control. These pests are known for their climbing abilities. They’ll scuttle away from you at fast speeds as they escape vertically while climbing on bumpy surfaces. If you try to chase them with a stick or broom on horizontal surface, they’ll take off horizontally and squirm through very tiny spaces just when you think you have them cornered. There are things you can do to control their increasing population when you learn about their habits and abilities. Food That Mice Eat House mice are not finicky about the food they want. They’ll eat a wide variety of foods and they have a liking for cereal. Not only do they eat human food that you don’t put away, but they also eat your pet’s food that is not covered. You can stop house mice from inhabiting your space by not leaving food out in areas of your kitchen and elsewhere in your home where mice can feast on all kinds of food items. Don’t Give House Mice Shelter Cool fall weather and open doors are perfect conditions that invite mice into your home. They are looking for warmth around that time of the year. Control their entry into your home. You should consider using a baiting method to get rid of mice when it’s evident there are increasing numbers of them in your home. It might be best to have an experienced professional pest control technician launch the baiting method in your home. Experts suggest that if you decide to perform the baiting yourself, you should place the bait boxes next to walls so that the box openings are close to the wall. You should also take time to read and follow the baiting instructions on the box, they advise. When the baiting control period ends, you must remember to get rid of any bait leftovers that were not eaten by the mice and collect all dead mice and bag them for household garbage collection, as recommended by the website article. Plugging Up Holes And Cracks in Your Home Make sure that all your window screens and windows close tightly without leaving gaps that could give mice easy entry into your home. Remember that they can squirm their way into your home through really tiny spaces. The website recommends that you use steel wool to plug up any holes in foundation areas of your home and use metal or concrete material to seal cracks that accommodate water pipe entry through your home’s foundation. Click here to learn more about mice...

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What’s Hanging At The Office? Replace Old Drapery Treatments To Refresh And Revive A Stale Work Place

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A simple way to boost productivity and job satisfaction is to redecorate your office to create a more pleasant work atmosphere. One of the most important considerations is the style of window treatments chosen for the space. Here are some factors to consider when selecting your new office drapery: Employ natural light if at all possible. Light affects emotions and energy levels, so the lack of natural light in an office setting could be detrimental to focus and productivity. If there are windows that open to natural sunlight in the office, use window treatments that allow the rays to stream in freely. If no natural light is accessible, choose drapes that reflect artificial light in a pleasant way. If the view out of a window isn’t so hot, but you want the sunshine anyway, use shades or blinds that cover the lower half of windows and frame them with attractive drapes that can be closed when you don’t want the bright light. Use sheer curtain panels where you need more privacy but still want some natural light to shine through. Another option is to install Roman shades made of custom fabric that can be raised and lowered throughout the day to accommodate changing sunlight patterns. Use colored drapes to change the mood. While each person in an office will have his or her own individual reaction to various hues, most people will have predictable responses to certain colors. Blues and greens are soothing colors, and make great drapery colors when you desire more calm and order in the workplace. Red is an energizing color that keeps people on their toes, and it’s a good choice in offices where quick thinking and deadlines are priorities. The color yellow is a smart option for window treatments in ad agencies and artists’ studios since it enhances creativity. To boost enthusiasm in the office, use drapes or curtains in orange. If you’re trying to foster a sense of community in a tense office, pink draperies may reduce aggression and isolation. Use texture and scale to reduce office discomfort. The right window treatment materials and styles will open up cramped rooms and reduce feelings of claustrophobia. It’s best to consult with a custom drapery professional to learn about the fabrics and textures that will reduce noise in your specific environment. They know the tricks to make the most of your rooms using perspective and scale to make spaces seem larger and provide access to more light. If your office has cold or hot spots due to drafty windows in winter or overly-exposed windows in summer, choose drapes backed with thermal insulation or heat-resistant lining to make offices more comfortable for employees. Office staff with allergies or chemical sensitivities will appreciate drapery treatments crafted out of hypoallergenic and organic fabrics. A wise choice in office window treatments sets the tone for the rest of your business. Choose high-quality drapes and blinds in fade-resistant materials that will stand up to daily use and still look stylish and sharp. Visit a website like for more...

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This Little Light Of Mine: 5 Reasons To Let Lanterns Shine In Your Home

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When you think of a lantern, you might think about camping in the summer warmth. You might think of days spent on the back porch, illuminated by a single bulb in a lantern. You might not even consider putting a lantern inside your home, replacing fluorescent light bulbs or dull lamps. The truth is, you can definitely do that. Consider these five reasons to highlight the warmth of your home with the glow of a cheap lantern online. 1. Lanterns are romantic. If you are trying to set the mood of a room, you can’t go wrong with some ambient lanterns. Set up lanterns on end tables, creating a soft glow in your living room. Add them to a bookshelf or staircase to create a mellow atmosphere and a soft glow. 2. Lanterns are great for parties and get-togethers. There are few pieces you use in your home that are perfect for so many different events. Lanterns are typically sturdy, giving you the ability to move them around and use them outside when you are having a special event. Use lanterns to light the path to your door or as centerpieces for your dining tables. Lanterns are quite versatile. 3. Lanterns fit any decor. With so many different lanterns available, you can choose designs that are suitable for just about any type of room. You will find lanterns whether your house is adorned with cowboys, clowns, chickens, or polka dots. They work well as dining room centerpieces or bathroom accessories, making them one of the most versatile home decorations out there. 4. Lanterns help lower your electric bill. Can you really go wrong paying less on electricity? Not only are you improving the look and feel of your home, but you are also spending less and getting a more appropriate lighting situation. Why use a bulb in your office when a small lantern will do the trick? 5. Lanterns can bring other pieces to life. Are you trying to show off a new statue or other decoration that you recently purchased? Lanterns can highlight the best features of new pieces in your home, bringing them to life for guests. Place a lantern behind or next to your favorite art piece as a way to naturally guide the eye toward it. Once you begin your search for affordable lanterns, you will have no trouble finding pieces that you love. The real trouble is likely in choosing which of your favorites you want to...

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Two Natural, Homemade Cleaners That Remove Pet Odors From Your Home

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Are you having trouble getting pet urine smells out of your furniture or specific spots on your carpet or rugs? If so, you aren’t alone. Pet owners regularly struggle with removing pet odors from their homes. However, there are some simple solutions that pet owners often overlook or don’t know about. Learn how to make and use natural homemade cleaners that remove odors caused by pet urine.      Vinegar and Baking Soda Spray Cleaner A vinegar and baking soda spray is great to use on stained areas of your carpet or furniture. White vinegar has the ability to get rid of older stains and baking soda is a natural deodorizer, so you can use this mixture to get rid of old or new urine stains. What you need: Large glass measuring cup 2 cups of warm water 2 cups of white vinegar 4 tablespoons of baking soda Mixing spoon Empty spray bottle A clean rag or paper towels Directions: Combine two cups of warm water and two cups of white vinegar in your measuring cup. Add four tablespoons of baking soda, slowly so that it doesn’t fizz. Let the mixture settle for a few minutes. Then stir gently to combine the ingredients. Slowly, pour the mixture into an empty spray bottle. How to use vinegar and baking soda spray: Use a rag or paper towel to blot the area that you’re cleaning. You want to remove as much of the urine as possible. Spray your vinegar and baking soda mixture on the area, thoroughly, and let it sit for five minutes. Use a clean rag or paper towels to gently rub and blot the area removing the rest of the urine. Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide Mixture Hydrogen peroxide breaks down pet urine so that it’s easily removed from carpet or fabric. When you combine hydrogen peroxide with baking soda, you have a cleaner that removes both stains and odors easily. You will need: 1/2-cup of three percent hydrogen peroxide 1 teaspoon of dish soap A medium-sized bowl Paper towels 1 cup of baking soda Scrub brush Directions: Combine 1/2-cup of three percent hydrogen peroxide with one teaspoon of dish soap in a medium-sized bowl. Fill a one-cup-sized measuring cup with baking soda. Take your bowl, measuring cup of baking soda, and paper towels to the area that you’re cleaning. How to use hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to clean pet urine stains: Use paper towels to blot up as much of the urine as possible. When you can’t pull any more urine from the carpet, cover the stained area with baking soda. Slowly, pour the hydrogen peroxide and dish soap mixture over the stain and the baking soda. Use a scrub brush to scrub the mixture into the carpet. Then, let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Vacuum the cleaned area thoroughly. Removing pet urine odors from your carpet, rug, or other fabrics in your home isn’t difficult. And, the best part is all you need are a few common household items to get the job done. For further assistance, contact a local pet odor removal company, such as Chem Dry...

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3 Creative Ways To Decorate A Chain Link Fence

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Chain link fencing from a company like Four Corners Fencing is a durable addition to any yard perimeter. But while some love the simple look of the open metal fencing, others yearn for something a bit more visually interesting. Luckily, it’s neither difficult nor overly expensive to add a touch of creativity to your chain link fencing. Bamboo or Reed Rolls Head to your local hardware store and look in the fencing department for bamboo or reed rolls. These light-colored wood rolls are essentially segments of fencing that is unrolled similarly to how the chain link was installed. But instead of replacing your chain link fence with an equivalent amount of bamboo or reed, you can use the wood fencing as an accent. Call your fencing company for help installing segments of bamboo or reed fencing. You can install entire segments of the wood fencing over the existing chain link, alternating so that there are bare sections of chain between sections of wood. Or you or your fencing contractor can cut the wood into strips. You can weave these strips between the links to create an interesting, textured pattern all around your yard. Using the patchwork method will make one roll of wood fencing stretch further and help with your yard budget. Paint and Plant Boxes Hanging plant boxes from the chain link is one of the most common tips around. But you can add more visual interest by first painting the chain link a color that will either compliment or contrast the flowers in the boxes. For example, use a bright teal to offset pink poppies growing in the boxes. You can paint your entire fence or simply the panels behind the flower boxes. Use one color or several colors in the same family for an ombre effect. Make sure you use a weather- and rust-proof paint on the fence so that your hard work doesn’t chip off during the next hard rain. Trellis and Vines Tall trellis panels are an interesting alternative to lattice when decorating a chain link fence. You can stagger the trellis panels at various points on the fence to create dimension and the illusion of a taller fence. No trellis is complete without a crawling vine. You can either plant real vines, and wait for the crawling to happen, or you can weave artificial flowering vines up the trellis and onto the neighboring chain link fencing. Chain link is one of the better fence materials for supporting vines as the organic material won’t cause staining or rot the way it can with wood...

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Answering A Couple Of Important Questions About Sprinkler Systems

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Watering your lawn can be an extremely inconvenient and time intensive task to do, and it should come as no surprise that many homeowners will opt to install an automatic sprinkler system to help them better manage this aspect of homeownership. However, if this is an upgrade that you have only recently started to consider, you will likely be able to benefit from having a couple of important question answered about these irrigation systems.   Will Installing Irrigation Systems Cause Your Water Bill To Go Up? A common concern for many homeowners is the threat that their water bills will substantially increase following the installation of a sprinkler system. While this may seem logical, it is important to note that whether this happens will depend on a couple of important factors. One of the more important factors related to how much you are manually watering the lawn, and the other centers around the type of sprinkler system that is installed.  It is actually possible to install a high-efficiency sprinkler system, and these systems will often use a fraction of the amount of water that other alternatives to will use. For those that are wanting the maximum water savings, a drip irrigation system may be the best option because these systems will lose the least amount of water to evaporation.  What Is Needed To Prepare The Sprinkler System For The Winter? The winter months can be bitterly cold temperatures, and this can present the threat of frozen pipes. While you may be familiar with the steps needed to protect your home’s plumbing from this problem, you may not know how to prepare your sprinkler system for the grueling winter. However, this is essential to prevent the buried pipes or sprinkler heads from rupturing and leaking.  Fortunately, most sprinkler systems make it relatively simple to perform this type of preventive maintenance. There is often a mode on the central control panel that will allow you to force any water in the pipes out of the sprinkler heads. In addition to this step, you will need to raise the sprinkler heads at least once every couple of weeks during the winter to prevent the soil around it from becoming impacted. If this happens, the sprinkler heads will be unable to operate until you manually remove the soil over each one.  The installation of a sprinkler system can be one of the most effective ways of reducing the amount of time you must spend keeping your lawn alive. By understanding that these systems will not automatically make your water bill more expensive and the steps to keep them safe from winter damage, you can better understand what owning these systems will be...

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Color, Emotion, And Focus: Choosing Flowers For Arrangements

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Flower arranging can seem intimidating – there are so many colors, shapes, and sizes of flowers out there to choose from. Whether you’re arranging your flowers yourself or giving direction to a professional, though, it helps to have a little background on how flowers and colors can create different effects. Focal Arrangements Making a flower arrangement into the focus of a room’s décor generally involves a combination of size and visual interest; smaller arrangements, no matter how beautiful, do not have the same impact. Because of this, they are a little more limited in what types of flowers are used. Taller flowers like lilies, cherry blossoms, or delphiniums work best; however, flowers you think of as “short” may only be cut that way for regular vases, so check for long-stem varieties before writing any flower off. In order to keep the flowers as the point of interest, the vase should be kept simple. Single colors and uncomplicated shapes are good, as are clear vases. If you will be keeping the same color of flowers in the vase, consider choosing a different shade of the same color for the vase. A paler or darker shade works very well to accentuate the flowers; don’t choose a brighter shade, or the flowers will be overshadowed by the vase. Focal Vases If, on the other hand, you want a stunning vase to be the focus and the flowers to complement it, you’ll want to make your floral arrangement attractive but unassuming. Choosing a single color of flower – or even a single type of flower – helps keep things simple. Flowers with small blooms and more greenery also help. Some people even display no blooms at all, such as in twig and branch arrangements. Calming Colors Flower arrangements don’t have to be focal; however, it’s more common to use them to enhance a room rather than stand on their own. When it comes to choosing colors for smaller flower arrangements, consider whether you want them to seem soothing and calming or whether you’re looking for bold and striking. For calm arrangements, you want colors that are close to each other on the color wheel – think of how similar red, orange, and yellow look, or blue and purple. Using different shades of the same color also works well. Stay away from brighter colors and choose darker or pastel colors instead. For example, while red may not seem like a soothing color, turning it into a pastel pink makes it fit with a calm arrangement. Striking Colors If you’re looking for a brighter and more energetic arrangement, it makes sense to choose brighter and more vivid colors. Using multiple colors together, rather than different shades of the same color, is also good. To choose multiple colors, look for colors that are across from each other on the color wheel – called complementary colors. Blue and orange, for instance, are complementary colors, as are yellow and purple. One of the reasons red flowers look so energetic is that they are bright and also are the complementary color of their green foliage. A business like Fasan Florist can help you put together arrangements that best fit your home and...

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What To Do If Your Door Lock Gets Jammed

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If you have ever tried to open your door lock and the key gets jammed, you know how frustrating it can be. Luckily, there are some ways to gain entry even if this happens. Here are some tips about what to do when the door lock gets jammed. Use Graphite The first thing you can do to un-jam a stuck door lock is by using graphite. There are two ways to do this: you can either spray liquid graphite directly into the keyhole or coat your key with powdered graphite. Both will effectively help to dislodge he lock. Graphite works great as a lubricant for a door lock. If the lock tumblers inside the lock have gotten clogged, the graphite helps to loosen the debris so you can open the lock. Jiggle the key after using the graphite to help remove some of that debris so you can unlock it. Try a Key Extractor If you can get to the hardware store for tools, you might want to pick up a key extractor. This tool helps to remove your key from the lock when it gets stuck. Before using the tool, spray a lubricant oil into the keyhole around where the key is stuck inside. Take the barbed end of the key extractor and insert it into the hole so that the barbed teeth face the key’s teeth inside the keyhole. Move the extractor up and down to hook the key on the teeth. Now you should be able to pull away the extractor and remove the key with it. Remove the Faceplate Some types of door locks, such as those used on apartment doors, have a faceplate that can be removed in order to access where the key is jammed. If you have a surface-mounted rim lock or mortise lock, you should be able to unscrew the faceplate of the lock. This doesn’t give you access into the door, but can help you free the key. Look on the edge of the door for the faceplate and unscrew it from the door. You will now have the cylinder exposed. Turn the screws clockwise; this should help release your key. Call a Locksmith When all else fails, calling a professional locksmith like Bob’s Lock & Key is your last resort. Locksmiths will not only be able to get your key out of the lock without damaging it, but can address the issue that jammed it in the first...

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Increase Your Homes Value With These 3 Home Improvements

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If you want to increase your home’s value, you should consider doing more than improving your curb appeal and giving it a fresh coat of paint. You can get a better return on your investment by completing home improvement projects. These renovations are not overly complicated and can help you sell your home for a higher price. Add a Wood Deck Outdoor features can add to your home’s value, especially when they are custom, built-in models. One way to do this is by having a wood patio installed in the backyard. This goes beyond the traditional concrete patios and adds more interest and style. Depending on the style of your home, the deck can either replace a patio, or you can have a wraparound deck that goes all the way around the house. Home buyers that spend a lot of time entertaining and being outdoors will appreciate this add-on. Remodel the Kitchen For many people, the kitchen is the most used room of the house. It makes sense that completing a kitchen remodel would add to your home’s value and give you a better return on your investment when it is time to sell. The kitchen remodel doesn’t have to cost you $30,000 either. You can easily complete a small kitchen remodel that increases your home’s value and is still within your budget. Instead of replacing all of the cabinets and bases, paint them and add new hardware. Other smaller kitchen remodeling projects include replacing the old appliances with stainless steel, installing new flooring, changing the light fixtures, or replacing the countertops. If you choose just one or two of these, you won’t spend more than your budget but your kitchen will be upgraded. You can visit local kitchen display centers, such as Stone Forest Kitchen & Bath Center, for inspiration and ideas. Get a New Front Door IS your front door outdated and starting to look worn? Unless it has an antiqued or vintage look, that door is probably taking away from your home’s value and reducing your curb appeal. The front door is often one of the main focal points at the front of your house, so make sure you have the best one available. If it is made of wood, you can sand it and put a new coat of paint on it. However, you might want to replace it altogether. Go with a new door that matches the overall style of your home and it will make a big difference. These home improvements are not difficult to do, but you can also hire a contractor to complete them for you. Your home’s value will be increased and they might even help you sell your house...

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