Natural Remedies To Keep Two Common Pests Out Of Your Home

Posted on: 23 December 2014

Ahhh, bugs. Can't live with them, and boy do you ever want to live without them. So in order to ensure that they don't decide to make your home their home as well, you need to do a little bit of work to keep them out. So use these line of defense tips and tricks to keep a couple of the most common bugs found inside the home outside instead. 

Ants Marching

Ants are a big issue in many homes no matter the area of the country you live in. Try these measures to keep the ants marching away to go invade someone else's picnic:

  • Have a spray bottle of soapy water handy, and spray ants as you see them. 
  • Cucumber peels work great to keep ants out, especially bitter cucumbers. 
  • Mint tea bags, tea leaves or cloves are great ant deterrents. Leave them around where ants seem to be the most active. 
  • If you can find the point of entry, place lemon juice, coffee grounds or cayenne pepper out. Ants won't cross those.
  • If you have ants present on your outdoor deck, some cloves of garlic between the wood cracking help deter ants. 

Cockroaches Creeping

There's nothing worse then finding a cockroach in your home. Cockroaches are commonly found in the kitchen or bathroom, so the best thing you can do is to keep those rooms clean. Also, cockroaches tend to like high places, so you can place some boric acid on top of your kitchen cupboards. The roaches will take the boric acid to their nests and kill the colony. Remember that boric acid is toxic, so keep way from pets and children. Also, use the following preventive measures:

  • Catnip is a great cockroach repellent. While it's non-toxic to pets and humans, it should be used in a home without cats. Place small snippets of the catnip around areas where cockroaches seem to have a lot of activity. 
  • As with the ants, having a small spray bottle of soapy water handy to spray roaches when you see them. 
  • Soak some bread with beer and place them in an empty can. Place the cans in the areas that are though to have the roach infestation. 

If you find that none of these natural deterrents help, you should call in the services of a pest control specialist, as it could mean the infestation is march larger than you originally thought. 


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