Five Hidden Benefits Of Plantation Shutters

Posted on: 26 January 2015

Plantation shutters are often chosen for their appearance, but they can provide even more benefits. The trick to realizing these five hidden benefits is to select shutters custom fit to your windows with the added upgrades you need.

#1: Increased Security

Thieves look for an easy target. A home with built-in, custom fit shutters is more difficult to access through an open or broken window. Although traditional plantation shutters are made of wood, there are also metal versions available that are specifically for security purposes. These have the appearance of the decorative wooden shutters, but when locked in place they make it even more difficult for an intruder to gain entry.

#2: Energy Efficiency

Your home can lose 10 percent of its heat in the winter and gain 40 percent more unwanted heat in the summer through the windows if they aren't properly covered. Custom shutters work especially well because they reflect sunlight when closed, while also providing a tight-fitting barrier against drafts. The thickness of the wood or vinyl also provides some insulation.

#3: Allergy-Friendly

If allergens are a concern in your home, a wood, vinyl or metal shutter provides a better option than curtains and drapes. You can simply wipe the dust off with a damp cloth. There's no fabric to collect pollen, dust and other allergens. Curtains require frequent and time-consuming washing and rehanging if you need to manage allergies in the home.

#4: Moisture Resistant

High-moisture areas, such as the bath or kitchen, can wreak havoc on some window covering materials. Fabric can mildew while wooden blinds may blister or warp in the humidity. Vinyl shutters are impervious to moisture damage, making them a natural choice for these locations.

#5: Automated Options

Opening up a window covering to let in light can be a challenge if you have high windows or mobility issues. You can equip shutters with a remote or button control so you can easily adjust them to allow in the amount of light desired. It's even possible to place your shutters on a timer so they open and close at predetermined times. This can aid home security or allow you to monitor the amount of sunlight in the home for additional energy efficiency benefits.

Shutters comes in a variety of colors, and many can even be repainted, so they can evolve with your home's style. This makes shutters a permanent window covering option that's versatile and attractive.


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