Two Tips For Cleaning Full Length Drapes Without Damaging Other Things In A Room

Posted on: 24 February 2015

If you want your drapes to look their best, dust and stains need to be diligently cleaned up. While it's relatively easy to clean even full length drapes if you have the proper tools, it may be difficult to avoid damaging other things in your room. To ensure that no undue harm comes to the rest of your room while you're cleaning your drapes, don't forget these two tips.

Always Unfold And Take Down Drapes Before Vacuuming Them

You might be tempted to vacuum your drapes while they're still connected to the pole above your window. After all, if you own a small, portable vacuum that can suck the dirt off of delicate fabrics without damaging them, why bother either unfolding or taking down your drapes?

But in order to completely clear your drapes of dirt and dust without removing them, it'll be necessary for you to push and cause wrinkles all over the fabric with the head of your vacuum. This will damage both the drapes themselves and put a lot of unnecessary strain on the pole that supports them. Drapes are heavier than most people give them credit for, and the poles they come with are generally only designed to support them while they're either standing perfectly still or smoothly sliding from one place to another.

Remember that drapes don't need to be vacuumed very frequently. If you're going to take the trouble of vacuuming at all, you might as well take a little more time to take your drapes down.

Lay At Least One Towel On The Floor Before Trying To Clean Up A Stain

As long as you regularly vacuum up dust, there's no need to clean the entirety of a drape with soap and water. But for stains from food and sugary drinks, there really is no alternative available.

Instead of taking your drapes from their supporting pole entirely, simply lay a fresh towel immediately under the spot you'll be cleaning. Don't be content with cleaning up any mess you make on the floor afterward. Whether the floor under your drapes is hardwood or carpet, don't underestimate the damage that a mix of water and rotten food can cause.

You certainly shouldn't neglect dust buildup and stains until getting completely new drapes is your only solution. But when you do decide to clean, you also shouldn't automatically neglect the welfare of everything in a room but the drapes. Talk to drape experts such as House Of Drapery for more information.


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