Remove Permanent Marker From Just About Any Surface In Your Home

Posted on: 19 March 2015

When you have children living in your home, their artwork never fails to end up on more than just paper. Being able to clean permanent marker off of many different surfaces in your home will ensure that your home always looks as good as it can. Use the following guide to learn how to remove permanent marker marks from many different surfaces in your home.


If your little artist got marker on your white carpets, you first need to vacuum up any dirt and dander on the carpet. This will allow you to clean the area better because there is nothing standing between you and the stain. Apply rubbing alcohol to a clean, dry rag and dab the area with the alcohol. The alcohol will break down the molecular structure of the marks so that it will release from the carpet. Allow the carpet to dry and repeat the process again and again until the marks are removed. It could take quite a few attempts to remove the ink.


When marks are made on the walls, you may think that you have to completely repaint your walls so that you cover the marks rather than remove them. This is not necessary though. Apply some hand sanitizer to a clean rag and rub the wall until the marks come clean from the wall. The hand sanitizer will not damage the paint on your walls as you remove the marks.


If your little one has created beautiful artwork on a mirror, window, or glass door with a permanent marker, there is no need to stress about the situation. Write over the marks with a dry erase marker. Wipe the marker away with a clean, dry cloth. When you wipe away the dry erase marks, the permanent marker marks will wipe away with it.


If you have permanent marks on your linoleum floor, spray the marks with hairspray. Allow the spray to sit for about two minutes and then mop the area. The spray will pull the ink away from the floor so that it can easily be wiped away.

Keeping your home looking great can be difficult when you have children living with you. Kids make messes, but knowing how to clean them up quickly and effectively will allow you to save money because you will not have to replace damaged items in your home as often. Talk to a professional like Carpeteria for more information.


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