Hosting A Nighttime Royal Wedding In Your Yard

Posted on: 15 April 2015

If you are in the planning process for a wedding, and you are interested in having it held in a backyard setting, consider having it during twilight or nighttime hours for an unexpected twist. In the summertime, the heat can be hard on older folks and can drain people of energy quickly. Hosting your party outside after the sun has gone down, can be an exciting way to take your vows in a unique way. Here are some tips you can use to host your own outdoor nighttime wedding event, incorporating a majestic royal theme into the mix.


Since your guests will be showing up around the time the sun goes down, you will want to have ample lighting available for visibility and also to set the mood. To add a bit of enchantment to your wedding, place outdoor candle lanterns along the aisle to light the way for the wedding party toward the front of the viewing area. Place twinkling lights in trees to give off a mystical aura. Companies like Alive With Items offer a variety of lanterns to choose from.


The lighting will set the mood to make a perfect setting for a fairy tale princess/prince theme. Sparkles or shades of lavender, pink, periwinkle or meadow would all work wonderfully at giving the atmosphere a bit of a whimsical feel. Use glitter to decorate the dance floor area, and hang a few more candle lanterns around the perimeter of the dance floor area to get people in the mood for romance. 


For women, pick out ball gowns with billowing skirts, beaded sashes, and rhinestone accents. Sparkling silver shoes would match beautifully, and any wedding party members can pick out similar outfits in a pastel shade of your choosing. Make sure the bride wears a rhinestone crown for the full effect. For men, opt for suits with tails with sashes matching the colors of the bridesmaid's gowns. Silver cuff links and watches would look stunning.


For a menu fit for royalty, serve food on silver platters with goblets for beverages. Use linen napkins with stitched hems or monograms. Consider serving foods prevalent in medieval times, such as turkey, beef of brisket or ham. Make sure there are plenty of fruits and cheeses displayed elaborately. 


Paint a box with gold paint and decorate it to look like a castle. This can be displayed on a table covered with a sparkling silver table covering, for guests to place their monetary gifts inside for the happy couple. Use a set of crowns to place on the cake for a cake topper. Have candy jewels incorporated into the decorations on the cake, giving it a flashy look for spectators as they pass by to take a glimpse.


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