3 Creative Ways To Decorate A Chain Link Fence

Posted on: 29 July 2015

Chain link fencing from a company like Four Corners Fencing is a durable addition to any yard perimeter. But while some love the simple look of the open metal fencing, others yearn for something a bit more visually interesting. Luckily, it's neither difficult nor overly expensive to add a touch of creativity to your chain link fencing.

Bamboo or Reed Rolls

Head to your local hardware store and look in the fencing department for bamboo or reed rolls. These light-colored wood rolls are essentially segments of fencing that is unrolled similarly to how the chain link was installed. But instead of replacing your chain link fence with an equivalent amount of bamboo or reed, you can use the wood fencing as an accent.

Call your fencing company for help installing segments of bamboo or reed fencing. You can install entire segments of the wood fencing over the existing chain link, alternating so that there are bare sections of chain between sections of wood.

Or you or your fencing contractor can cut the wood into strips. You can weave these strips between the links to create an interesting, textured pattern all around your yard. Using the patchwork method will make one roll of wood fencing stretch further and help with your yard budget.

Paint and Plant Boxes

Hanging plant boxes from the chain link is one of the most common tips around. But you can add more visual interest by first painting the chain link a color that will either compliment or contrast the flowers in the boxes. For example, use a bright teal to offset pink poppies growing in the boxes.

You can paint your entire fence or simply the panels behind the flower boxes. Use one color or several colors in the same family for an ombre effect. Make sure you use a weather- and rust-proof paint on the fence so that your hard work doesn't chip off during the next hard rain.

Trellis and Vines

Tall trellis panels are an interesting alternative to lattice when decorating a chain link fence. You can stagger the trellis panels at various points on the fence to create dimension and the illusion of a taller fence.

No trellis is complete without a crawling vine. You can either plant real vines, and wait for the crawling to happen, or you can weave artificial flowering vines up the trellis and onto the neighboring chain link fencing.

Chain link is one of the better fence materials for supporting vines as the organic material won't cause staining or rot the way it can with wood fencing.


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