This Little Light Of Mine: 5 Reasons To Let Lanterns Shine In Your Home

Posted on: 21 September 2015

When you think of a lantern, you might think about camping in the summer warmth. You might think of days spent on the back porch, illuminated by a single bulb in a lantern. You might not even consider putting a lantern inside your home, replacing fluorescent light bulbs or dull lamps. The truth is, you can definitely do that. Consider these five reasons to highlight the warmth of your home with the glow of a cheap lantern online.

1. Lanterns are romantic.

If you are trying to set the mood of a room, you can't go wrong with some ambient lanterns. Set up lanterns on end tables, creating a soft glow in your living room. Add them to a bookshelf or staircase to create a mellow atmosphere and a soft glow.

2. Lanterns are great for parties and get-togethers.

There are few pieces you use in your home that are perfect for so many different events. Lanterns are typically sturdy, giving you the ability to move them around and use them outside when you are having a special event. Use lanterns to light the path to your door or as centerpieces for your dining tables. Lanterns are quite versatile.

3. Lanterns fit any decor.

With so many different lanterns available, you can choose designs that are suitable for just about any type of room. You will find lanterns whether your house is adorned with cowboys, clowns, chickens, or polka dots. They work well as dining room centerpieces or bathroom accessories, making them one of the most versatile home decorations out there.

4. Lanterns help lower your electric bill.

Can you really go wrong paying less on electricity? Not only are you improving the look and feel of your home, but you are also spending less and getting a more appropriate lighting situation. Why use a bulb in your office when a small lantern will do the trick?

5. Lanterns can bring other pieces to life.

Are you trying to show off a new statue or other decoration that you recently purchased? Lanterns can highlight the best features of new pieces in your home, bringing them to life for guests. Place a lantern behind or next to your favorite art piece as a way to naturally guide the eye toward it.

Once you begin your search for affordable lanterns, you will have no trouble finding pieces that you love. The real trouble is likely in choosing which of your favorites you want to keep.


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