What's Hanging At The Office? Replace Old Drapery Treatments To Refresh And Revive A Stale Work Place

Posted on: 14 October 2015

A simple way to boost productivity and job satisfaction is to redecorate your office to create a more pleasant work atmosphere. One of the most important considerations is the style of window treatments chosen for the space. Here are some factors to consider when selecting your new office drapery:

Employ natural light if at all possible.

Light affects emotions and energy levels, so the lack of natural light in an office setting could be detrimental to focus and productivity. If there are windows that open to natural sunlight in the office, use window treatments that allow the rays to stream in freely. If no natural light is accessible, choose drapes that reflect artificial light in a pleasant way.

If the view out of a window isn't so hot, but you want the sunshine anyway, use shades or blinds that cover the lower half of windows and frame them with attractive drapes that can be closed when you don't want the bright light.

Use sheer curtain panels where you need more privacy but still want some natural light to shine through. Another option is to install Roman shades made of custom fabric that can be raised and lowered throughout the day to accommodate changing sunlight patterns.

Use colored drapes to change the mood.

While each person in an office will have his or her own individual reaction to various hues, most people will have predictable responses to certain colors.

Blues and greens are soothing colors, and make great drapery colors when you desire more calm and order in the workplace. Red is an energizing color that keeps people on their toes, and it's a good choice in offices where quick thinking and deadlines are priorities.

The color yellow is a smart option for window treatments in ad agencies and artists' studios since it enhances creativity. To boost enthusiasm in the office, use drapes or curtains in orange. If you're trying to foster a sense of community in a tense office, pink draperies may reduce aggression and isolation.

Use texture and scale to reduce office discomfort.

The right window treatment materials and styles will open up cramped rooms and reduce feelings of claustrophobia. It's best to consult with a custom drapery professional to learn about the fabrics and textures that will reduce noise in your specific environment. They know the tricks to make the most of your rooms using perspective and scale to make spaces seem larger and provide access to more light.

If your office has cold or hot spots due to drafty windows in winter or overly-exposed windows in summer, choose drapes backed with thermal insulation or heat-resistant lining to make offices more comfortable for employees.

Office staff with allergies or chemical sensitivities will appreciate drapery treatments crafted out of hypoallergenic and organic fabrics.

A wise choice in office window treatments sets the tone for the rest of your business. Choose high-quality drapes and blinds in fade-resistant materials that will stand up to daily use and still look stylish and sharp.

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