How You Can Control Mice Population In Your Home By Learning About Their Habits And Abilities

Posted on: 4 November 2015

It's small wonder that house mice are so difficult to control. These pests are known for their climbing abilities. They'll scuttle away from you at fast speeds as they escape vertically while climbing on bumpy surfaces. If you try to chase them with a stick or broom on horizontal surface, they'll take off horizontally and squirm through very tiny spaces just when you think you have them cornered. There are things you can do to control their increasing population when you learn about their habits and abilities.

Food That Mice Eat

House mice are not finicky about the food they want. They'll eat a wide variety of foods and they have a liking for cereal. Not only do they eat human food that you don't put away, but they also eat your pet's food that is not covered. You can stop house mice from inhabiting your space by not leaving food out in areas of your kitchen and elsewhere in your home where mice can feast on all kinds of food items.

Don't Give House Mice Shelter

Cool fall weather and open doors are perfect conditions that invite mice into your home. They are looking for warmth around that time of the year. Control their entry into your home. You should consider using a baiting method to get rid of mice when it's evident there are increasing numbers of them in your home. It might be best to have an experienced professional pest control technician launch the baiting method in your home.

Experts suggest that if you decide to perform the baiting yourself, you should place the bait boxes next to walls so that the box openings are close to the wall. You should also take time to read and follow the baiting instructions on the box, they advise. When the baiting control period ends, you must remember to get rid of any bait leftovers that were not eaten by the mice and collect all dead mice and bag them for household garbage collection, as recommended by the website article.

Plugging Up Holes And Cracks in Your Home

Make sure that all your window screens and windows close tightly without leaving gaps that could give mice easy entry into your home. Remember that they can squirm their way into your home through really tiny spaces. The website recommends that you use steel wool to plug up any holes in foundation areas of your home and use metal or concrete material to seal cracks that accommodate water pipe entry through your home's foundation.

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