Tips For Hanging Curtains In Your Home

Posted on: 27 November 2015

Hanging curtains in your home is fairly simple. You just drill a few holes and add a curtain rod, right? It can be this simple, or you can add other decorative elements to hang your curtains to give them some more appeal and maybe even make your curtains look a little more expensive. See below for some helpful tips on how to hang your curtains.

Curtain Rod Placement

When hanging curtain rods, be sure to hang them at least six inches higher than the window casing and extend your curtains so they are three to four inches wider than the outside of the window casing.. This helps make your windows appear larger and adds height to any room. It also brings in plenty of light, which will also help make rooms feel more spacious. To help you drill the holes for your curtain rods, you can create a drill guide out of cardboard. Simply mark the holes on the cardboard, then cut out a ninety degree angle on the cardboard that will sit on the window casing. Drill through the cardboard into the wall with the cardboard on your window casing. Then flip the cardboard over and place it on the other corner of the window casing to drill holes on the other side. This way you know the holes are the same on both sides; no need to drill holes over and over again, or try and fumble with a level and measuring tape.

Curtain Rod Alternatives

Rather than using a simple curtain rod, try thinking of other ways to hang up your curtains. See below for curtain rod alternatives.

  • Coat Hooks. Use a handful of coat hooks along your wall and hang up your curtains by attaching drapery clips to the curtains and hanging the circle portion of the clips on the hooks. You can also use stick-on hooks for light-weight curtains if you don't want to put holes in your walls.
  • Curved Shower Curtain Rod. Add a curved shower curtain rod to a window to give it dramatic appeal. It also helps to make the window appear larger.
  • Bungee Cord. Use a small bungee cord behind your curtain rod to give you that second curtain rod without the big price tag. A small bungee cord can be invisible behind your curtain rod, nobody will even see it.
  • Tension Rod. For a kitchen window, add a tension rod between your kitchen cabinets to help drape your small window valance to look like a cafe awning. 

To help your curtain pleats lay straight all the way down, you can add curtain weights or create your own using paperclips with pennies glued to them. Simply push the paperclip/penny into the bottom hem of the curtain leaving only one prong exposed outside of the curtain. This will help hold your curtains in place, so the pleats lay properly all the way down your curtain.

Hanging your curtains is simple, but giving them a more dramatic or expensive look takes a little more work. If you're in need of new draperies or curtains, consider contacting a specialist, such as Frieda Ross Draperies, Blinds and Fabrics.


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