3 Economical Ways To Improve Your Window Insulation During Winter

Posted on: 18 January 2016

Keeping your windows tightly sealed is essential to keeping out cold drafts out of your home during winter. Any cracks or gaps in the windows could allow precious heated air to escape, raising your energy bill substantially. 

If you have old, drafty windows, consider replacing them with new ones that are more energy efficient. However, if your budget only includes improving what you have other than purchasing new window replacements, read on for simple tricks that could help you insulate your windows this winter.

Install honeycomb shades

Honeycomb shades can provide effective insulation for your windows. These window treatments are made of layers of fabric designed to form tiny pockets that effectively trap outdoor air, making you home warm and comfy.

The design is often so effective that you can instantly feel the cold breeze disappear from inside the windows due to the incredible barrier the shades form between your home and the outside. In fact, it is advisable to hang these shades a couple of inches from your window glass, as they could hold out cold air too close to the glass and cause an ice buildup.

Plastic window insulation film

Installing window insulation film on your drafty windows can help seal them tight during the cold season. These plastic films are installed inside your windows to add an extra barrier against the elements and help keep your home warm.

Before installing an insulation film kit, wash the windows thoroughly to get rid of any dirt particles that could pierce the delicate film. You should then attach the double-sided adhesive tape usually included in the kit around the window edges and stick the window film to the adhesive, covering the entire window surface. The insulation film will prevent your windows from opening until it is removed, so be sure to only install it on windows you don't usually open during winter such as those in the attic and basement.


Applying a layer of caulk on any cracks and gaps around your windows can be an effective way of preventing cold air from seeping into your home this winter. To ensure you seal any gaps effectively, be sure to use a knife to remove any old caulking around the windows before applying a new layer. Use a caulking gun and some quality paintable interior caulk to cover all visible cracks in the inside of your windows.

If you have broken or missing windows, it would be best to have them replaced with new panes to help keep your home warm. For more information, contact a company like Ken Caryl Glass, Inc.


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