Odd Places To Find The Most Creative Man-Cave Decorative Items For Your Husband

Posted on: 12 May 2016

So, you're sprucing up the husband's outdated man cave, huh? Of course, every cool dude needs a space that can make him feel even happier about being a man and there is no better way to treat your other half than to give him just that. Before you grab your wallet and head off to the local retail store or settle in for some online shopping, you should know that man-cave-worthy decor can be found in a lot of places--some places you may never even consider. Here are a few odd places you should consider shopping for man cave decor. 

Check the local junkyard or scrap center. 

If your hubby is all about car stuff, the things that he will want to see when he settles in to relax in his own space will automatically be car related. Therefore, it is not a bad idea at all to go shopping at a local junkyard to get your hands on some interesting decor. You could:

  • hang up a display shelf filled with hood ornaments from vintage vehicles
  • use a stack of cool chrome rims as a table base for a glass top table
  • find his favorite emblems from the vehicles he likes the most and create a cool wall collage

Stop in at a pub or bar. 

For some guys beer and man caves just naturally go hand in hand. So if you can find some breweriana, you are good to go and you can rest assured he will be happy with your choices. Stop in and talk to the local pub or bar about items they would be willing to let go. This could be anything from small advertising signs to light-up lamps bearing beer brands that they may have tucked away in storage. Even simple paper posters can be framed for wall art and branded beer coasters used to deck out a table top. 

Head to the hardware store. 

A man who loves working with his hands will probably be all about his tools. So logically, heading to the hardware store for some interesting pieces to use as decor is just the right thing to do. Invest in a simple clock-making kit and create a clock using nuts and bolts as time markers. Get a nice truck-bed tool chest to use as a storage bench or even as a TV stand. You can even use bent screwdrivers as hanging hooks to hold other decorative items in place. Get creative as you look for cheap home decor for sale.


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