Debunking The Biggest Myths About Residential Water Softening

Posted on: 22 August 2016

You wash dishes and are left with a ring of lime deposit on your sink, your skin feels odd after a shower, and you are seeing more problems than usual with appliances like your washing machine and hot water heater. All of these point to you having a major issue with hard water in your home. While most people know how to recognize hard water, many have no idea how simple it is to alleviate the problem. This is due to some pretty common misconceptions about water softening. If you are pretty certain you are dealing with a hard water problem, it is a good idea to get the misconceptions about water softening out of the way. 

Misconception: Water softener systems are difficult to install. 

Fact: Water softening systems are no more difficult to install than your average water filtration system. There are primarily two types of water softeners: those that soften water at the faucet and those that soften water for the entire home. Both can be purchased at pretty much any home improvement store and installed rather quickly. 

Misconception: Water softening leaves your water tasting salty. 

Fact: If there is one prevailing misconception, it is that the water which passes through a softening system has a different taste, specifically a salty taste. While sodium is used in the water-softening process, it will not leave your water tasting like salt. The minimal amount of sodium which may be present after softening is not so much that it will alter the flavor of your water. 

Misconception: Softened water will leave your skin feeling more slippery after bathing. 

Fact: There is no residue left behind on your skin after bathing or showering because you are using a water-softening system. What you will notice with your new water softener system is that your soaps and shampoos will lather much easier and your skin will feel much softer overall. This is due to the fact that the usual calcium and lime in hard water restrict natural oils in your skin and prevents soap from lathering as it should. 

Misconception: Water softener systems are expensive to install. 

Fact: Whole house, ion-exchange water softener systems generally cost between $400 and $1000. If you hire a contractor to install the system, you will be charged around $100 to $500 for installation, depending on what plumbing adjustments need to be made. This is usually considered an affordable price by most homeowners and further investments in the future are minimal. 


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