Tips To Take Back Control Of Your Lawn And Prevent Weeds

Posted on: 13 October 2016

If you spend a lot of time weeding your lawn and garden beds, try some tactics to help curb the growth of common weeds in your landscaping. Sometimes, the way that you care for your yard and garden actually perpetuates weeds and encourages this unwanted growth.

Some common weeds that can take over your lawn are:

  • Dandelion.
  • Crabgrass.
  • Creeping Charlie.
  • White Clover.

Try these landscaping tips to help prevent your grass and gardens from being taken-over by unwanted weeds—and to save you some effort and energy in maintaining your yard:

Mow your grass high. Set your mower on a higher setting so that it doesn't cut quite as close as you may be accustomed to. Cutting the grass high will chop-off the heads of dandelions, clover, or crabgrass, curbing growth while still allowing your grass to be strong and hardy enough to fend off weeds.

Don't dig too deep. It is easier to control the young weeds near the surface of your garden or lawn than it is to battle the deeper, more mature weeds that could be lurking far below the soil. Watch what you dig up, and be prepared to put up a fight once you unearth hidden, deep-rooted weed growth under your turf.

Weeds need sunlight. Weeds can't thrive and come to the surface without sunlight. This is why it is pragmatic to get rid of growth as soon as you see it emerge, rather than allow it to thrive, prosper, and take-over in the light of the sun.

Invest in mulch. Mulch is one way that you can prevent weeds from gaining access to the sunlight, which is what helps them thrive and take over. Cover your borders,  garden beds, and surround trees or shrubs with lots of high-quality mulch to keep the sun out, and to curb the weed growth. With many colors and varieties available, mulch can also be used to create an aesthetically-appealing feature in your yard that doesn't require much maintenance.

Watch what you water. You could be inadvertently watering and caring for weeds without realizing it!  Water your lawns and gardens deeply and infrequently to prevent weeds, and avoid watering willy-nilly. Take time to water just your plants, skip the sprinklers, and deprive weeds of needed-water whenever possible to prevent further growth.

Take back control of your yard, garden, and landscaping by controlling the weeds and reducing the time that you spend pulling, plucking, and yanking weeds all season long. Try these tips to prevent weeds from finding a comfortable place to thrive and prosper in your lawn and garden beds! For more information, contact companies like Mr Green Thumb.


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