Tips For Decorating Your Law Office's Waiting Room Before You Meet With Clients

Posted on: 30 November 2016

If you have recently passed your state's bar exam, have been granted your license to practice law, and are setting up your own law office to house your practice, then it is very important that you decorate your customers' waiting room in a professional yet comfortable style. Even though you are an attorney and not an interior designer, you can successfully decorate your office yourself by following these helpful tips:

Tip: Provide Comfortable Seating for Clients of All Sizes

Since you will invariably have clients that are all sizes and weights, it is vital that you provide seating options where people of all body types can be comfortable. You can easily accomplish this by purchasing chairs that are extra-wide and extra-sturdy or by buying a couple nice couches for the waiting room. Stick to couches and chairs that are a neutral color and do not have wild floral patterns or stripes.

Tip: Provide Some Entertainment for Adults and Children

People today do not have a lot of patience for sitting around and waiting in a waiting room. You can help them to be more patient by providing something in your waiting room to keep them entertained. Some attorneys choose to have a fish tank or other live entertainment, while others stick to a more traditional stack of magazines and books. You should also anticipate that your customers will have children with them and provide some durable toys for them to play with. When choosing toys, make sure that you choose toys that can be washed and sanitized during cold and flu season.

Tip: Speak with a Local Florist About Leasing Plants or Obtaining Fresh Cut Flowers Each Week

Finally, it is important to note that plants and flowers will soften up your waiting room space and help clients to feel more at home. If you do not want the responsibility of taking care of greenery or stopping to buy fresh cut flowers each week, then you should speak with your local florist to find out if they have any office plant leasing plans available. Many times local florists will allow you to lease or rent large plants or will make regular deliveries of cut flowers. If your budget is a concern, you can always ask the florist if they will lower their price in exchange for displaying their business cards next to your flower arrangements or large potted plants. Many florists are willing to do this because it helps to advertise their own business and bring them new customers.


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