What To Know About Bulk Mulch

Posted on: 13 April 2021

Mulch is a fantastic landscaping tool, and it's something that you have probably noticed in many landscapes. There are various types of mulch, including organic and inorganic options. There are many benefits to mulching. Mulch protects and improves the quality of your soil and can prevent weed growth. Organic mulches, like wood chips and straw, can add nutrients to the soil as they decay. Inorganic mulches, like rubber, are excellent for preventing weed growth. If you are looking into mulching, bulk mulch may be your best option. Here's what you should know about bulk mulch to determine if it is right for you. 

It's Fantastic For Large Projects

If you have a large area where you want to add mulch, bulk mulch is likely going to be your best option. When you go with bulk mulch, you won't have to buy numerous bags. Instead, the amount you require will be delivered straight to your property. Bulk mulch is an environmentally friendly option since no packaging is necessary. Once your mulch is on site, you can start placing it where it needs to go.

It's Uniform

While bagged mulch is an excellent option for smaller projects, one drawback is that not every mulch batch is the same. This means that one bag of mulch, even if it is the same variety, may look a little different than the mulch from another bag. When you go with bulk mulch, it's all coming from the same batch. This means that bulk mulch is much more likely to be uniform across the board. If you want your landscape to be cohesive, then going bulk is a great way to achieve this goal. 

It's Cost-Effective

Another benefit of going bulk is that it is cost-effective. The cost of your mulch will depend on the type of mulch you choose as well as whether you install it in your landscaping yourself. On average, bulk mulch costs between $15 and $65 per yard. With professional installation, bulk mulch will cost between $35 and $70 per yard. Typically, buying in bulk will mean a significant amount of savings over buying bagged mulch. If you are not sure which option works best, you can comparison shop before you buy.

If you are looking into mulch, there's a chance that bulk mulch will be the best option for your landscaping needs. Bulk mulch is an excellent option for large areas that require mulching. Bulk mulch is also uniform, which is a benefit if you are using the same mulch across your landscape. Buying in bulk can also be the most cost-effective option available for your mulching needs. 


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