Mastering the Bedroom: How to Furnish Your Bedroom Like a Pro

Posted on: 13 January 2022

Furnishing a master bedroom may seem easy because you mainly need a great bed and a nightstand or two. Plus, there is plenty of great furniture to choose from to match the style of your choice. However, there are several things you need to consider when planning your bedroom to make sure your new furniture is a great fit and will help you achieve the look you desire.

Bed frames

Once you decide which size bed is best for your living conditions and space allotment, you will want to choose a bed frame that helps define the style you wish to create in your master bedroom. This is important since the bed is always the focal point in bedroom design. There are several types of frames to look for including basic utilitarian wood and metal frames, platform styles, and fully upholstered beds and headboards.

If you sleep with pets, you may want to eliminate upholstered styles because they will attract pet hair and require regular cleaning. If you want a frame that is timeless and durable, you may want to go with a wood or metal frame. Platform styles are great if you love a contemporary look, and if you enjoy reading in bed an upholstered headboard is great for leaning against while you read.


A nightstand is a bedroom necessity and is useful for holding a bedside lamp, as well as other practical items you may need during the night. Some nightstands contain charging stations, which are built-in for recharging those important electronic devices while you sleep. One nightstand will be enough if you are single but consider getting one for each side of the bed if you share a room with your partner, so you can each have your own space for storing essentials.

Choose your nightstand after your bed, so you can select a nightstand size that matches your bed height. Your nightstand top should be flush with the top of your mattress for best results. Nightstands do not have to match, so choose two separate designs if you want to give your bedroom a fun and eclectic look.

Furnishing your bedroom like a pro is easy when you follow some basic tips. Size, style, and comfort are key, but you also want furniture that looks great. With all the wonderful bedroom furniture available, you are sure to find a style that resonates with your unique design preferences and is a great fit for your bedroom space.


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