Three Trunk Coffee Tables To Consider For Your Living Room

Posted on: 25 March 2022

When you're equipping your living room with various new pieces of furniture, you'll want to think about buying a coffee table. Positioned in front of your couch, this simple piece of furniture can offer a lot of functionality. It can also improve the look of your living room, particularly if you choose a coffee table that has a unique style. One option that you'll see at some furniture stores is a trunk coffee table — a product that can vary in design considerably. Here are three trunk coffee tables that you'll often find for sale.


It's easy to find different metal trunk coffee tables at various furniture stores, and you may feel as though the unique appearance of this piece of furniture will work well in your living room. A lot of living rooms don't have metal elements. For example, it's common to primarily have wooden furniture in this space. Placing a metal trunk coffee table can add a different material to this part of your home to create visual interest. You'll find all sorts of metal trunk tables, including those that look modern and those that have an antique appearance.


You can also expect to find leather trunk coffee tables. Commonly, this piece of furniture has a wooden frame with leather — or, in some cases, synthetic leather that's wrapped over it. Leather offers a warm look, which can work well in a living room where you want to have a cozy vibe for your family and your guests. The feel of leather is softer than many other materials, which you might appreciate when you're placing your feet on the surface of the trunk coffee table. If you want your living room to have a rustic look, you should shop for a trunk that has a distressed finish.


Wooden trunk coffee tables are another option to consider. You'll find these pieces of furniture in many different kinds of wood and featuring many different wood stains, so it will be easy to find something that will either match or complement your other living room furniture. For example, if you have several dark elements in this part of your home, you might look for a trunk table that uses a dark stain on its wood. Or, if your hardwood flooring is dark, you might choose a lighter table to provide contrast. Visit a local furniture store to look at its trunk coffee tables for sale.


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