About Screen Enclosure Repairs

Posted on: 3 August 2022

If you have a screen enclosure around your patio or pool area, then you want to keep the screen in the best condition possible. Different things can end up causing the screen to get damaged. You want to try to prevent damage from happening, when possible. This means keeping sharp objects away from the screen enclosure and training your dogs not to jump on it. Another thing you want to do is act quickly to have any damage repaired right away. Here is more information on screen enclosures and reasons why they should be repaired as quickly as possible:

Ways that screen enclosures can be damaged

Already mentioned above, things like jumping pets or sharp objects, like gardening tools, can damage the screen. However, there are a lot of other ways they can be damaged as well. A strong storm can cause damage when it throws things like branches and other items into the screen. Hail can be another storm-related thing that can also cause damage. Some birds can even cause problems by pecking at the screen with their sharp beaks. 

Reasons why fast repairs are important

When you have damage to the screen, the damage can be large enough to let pests get in. Since pest prevention is a big reason why so many people have screen enclosures installed, to begin with, this can be troubling. The types of pests that can enter the area through the damage depends on how large the rip or hole is. 

A benefit of having a screen enclosure installed is having the enclosed area shaded. When there are holes and/or rips in the enclosure, the sun's rays will be able to come right in through those areas. Even relatively minor damage can let enough sunlight in to make the area brighter than what's comfortable for your eyes. If there are a lot of small rips and tears, then it may be hard to find a large area to relax in where there aren't some rays shining right on you. 


The reasons mentioned above are some important ones to keep in mind when it comes to having the repairs fixed promptly. However, another important reason is so you can avoid having small damage get bigger and bigger. The more damage there is, the more that's involved in repairing them. This means the repairs will take longer, and they will cost more. 

For more information about screen pool repair, contact a local company. 


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